The collection is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system.  The library adheres to an open shelf policy allowing users to search the materials they need from among the following collections:

1. General Collection/Circulation Section

       This contains the general collection of the library for curricular study and supplemental reading. 

2. Reserve Section

        This includes books placed on reserve by faculty members to be used as required readings for their classes.   

3. Reference Section

        The reference collection includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, yearbooks, almanacs, and bibliographies.   May be used freely inside the library only and may be borrowed for photocopying purposes only.

4. Filipiniana Section

        The collection includes materials about the Philippines written by Filipino or foreign authors published in the country or abroad.  May be used freely inside the library only and may be borrowed for photocopying purposes only.

5. Serials Section

       The Serial Collection includes journals, magazines and newspaper.  It may be used freely within the library but are not to be circulated outside or home use.  It may be borrowed for photocopying purposes only.

6. Unpublished Materials Section

        This section is composed of undergraduate and graduate theses and dissertations, narrative reports, and the like. The collection is for library use only.  


Photocopying of any part of thesis/dissertation and other research paper is not allowed.


7.   Vertical Files and Clippings 

         These library materials are in filed/clipped folders and are arranged alphabetically by subjects inside the vertical file boxes.

8.   Audio-Visual Section

          The collection in this section includes DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, floppy disks, maps, posters and other non-print materials.

9.  Special Collection/Archives (CapSUniana & Panayana Collection)

          The collection includes materials that speak about the history of the institution and local papers published by the university.  It also includes materials about the province and Panay Island.  No materials from the collection may be lent out from the library.